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Orion Reggiseno Rosso

Prezzo regolare €35.00 Prezzo di vendita €50.00

Looking for some new stars to add to your lingerie constellation? You’ve come to the right place, with this dazzling collection of black and gold lingerie inspired by the celestial Orion.

This innovative and contemporary collection works with a repeated motif of interlocking circles of gold-tone hardware, creating stunning contrast against the black strapping and mesh of the main body of each piece. In the bra these gold sections sit along the top edge and centre line of each cup, creating a piece of dramatic and beautiful symmetry. Paired with the provocatively edgy open back brief or the chicly simple thong, these black and gold lingerie pieces come together to create a truly bold and unique look.

That’s not all that Orion has to offer, with the final piece in this collection bringing even more drama to the mix. The Orion suspender harness is a masterclass in fine lines and versatility, with both suspenders and harness detachable for added styling possibilities. The vertical lines of the harness and suspenders work to frame and elongate the body, whilst the horizontal bands of the waist and suspenders add definition and form.

Each piece in the Orion collection feels as good as it looks, with superfine mesh sitting soft against the skin.